Tuesday 8 January 2013

Laser Display

It was in the 1970s that laser light shows first became popular, with many bands using a laser display as part of their show. Laser displays are now used at many concerts and musical events to enhance the experience for the audience. Laser light can be used to draw images on walls and other surfaces, and mirrors can also be used to bounce the beams and create laser sculptures.

As well as music concerts, laser displays are sometimes used in nightclubs, art displays and at various large events.

Laser systems can be very versatile and used in a variety of ways. Laser light can be used to create art on a large scale, illuminate large parts of a city for a special event, and it can also be used within acrobatic or circus performances.

Laser display equipment can be bought or rented for these purposes, or a service can be hired to arrange a laser display.

Laser light systems are available in several different colours, but one type that is particularly effective are the Rainbow Laser Projections. These can be used to create various different coloured rays and patterns, without the need to hire several different projectors to get a variety of colours.

An interesting effect that can be obtained with laser light is a 3D effect when the laser display is combined with water effects. There are several different ways that this can be done. One way is to use a water screen. These provide a projection surface which can give the appearance of the images floating, and they use rows of nozzles to provide depth to the image. These are often used indoors, and can be switched on and off as required.

Water fountains, or jets can also be used. The laser light can be combined with the water fountain, and different colours or patterns projected onto the water.

Another option is to use water shields which can be useful for projecting large images. These are normally used in lakes and rivers, with the surface causing the light to refract in a way that gives the 3D effect.

The landmark laser is another type of laser light that can be used. Also known as the sky laser, these are used outside to illuminate certain areas, and make them visible from a long distance. These can be used for drawing attention to a particular building, such as a nightclub or stadium, or any area where an event is being held.

Other equipment can be bought or hired to use with laser light, such as wind generators or fog machines. These can be used to great effect to enhance the visibility of the lasers. Pyrotechnics can also be used with a laser display, and these range from flame jet systems to outdoor fireworks.

As long as the laser systems are used correctly, they should be safe. There are laser regulations in place that must be followed in order to create a safe laser display. If the display is organised by a professional, they should have the necessary safety precautions in place.

Laser light can enhance the experience of many different events, and it is now often used at both indoor and outdoor music festivals, to create visual effects that can be enjoyed with the music.