Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Laser shows at festivals - the festival season is hot!

Mud, drunken people, tents, dirt, smell, long-haired guys and short skirt - festival season is upcoming!
A festival is the perfect place for implementing spectacular live laser show performances. However, only few organizers already rely on such extraordinary effects. Of course more and more festivals now use lasers as central special effect, however there are many that still don't. Why? Maybe the organizers have never experienced it before or even don't know of the possibilities.
Lasers shows perfectly fit metal music, hip hop, electronic beats etc. - any kind of music can be accompaigned with lasers. It's just a matter of professional laser operation.
Laser shows for festivals became more and more affordable over the past years - so it's just a matter of finding a professional laser show company for implementing a spectacular laser show at the festival.

Just to give you some examples of laser show professionals:

Ray Technologies ( - mainly focussed on High end, timeline laser shows
Laserworld ( - they have some really skilled live laser show operators, that already played lasers with sets of the very big DJs
Lasertainment ( - they only serve the USA, but have long year experience in any kind of laser show